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I like to dabble in different art mediums and alcohol ink is my latest experiment. I’m delighted to share that I created these lovely trays for holding small items. The size I chose works well with jewelry but you could also use these to corral beauty products.

I really love the way alcohol ink spreads in an abstract way combining with neighboring inks to form new colors or will pool together to make eye catching swirls.


The supplies for this project are simple, I used these white trays and bought a few alcohol inks both online and at Michaels (that store has a great selection). You’ll also need a straw, some rubbing alcohol, paper towels, and clear coat protectant to seal the trays at the end.


The drips of ink are easily spread around by gently blowing on the ink with a straw.




With paper and alcohol ink, you have to accept where the ink goes but with ceramic or glass applications you can wipe away the ink if dissatisfied and start over. I did this several times. Rubbing alcohol and a paper towel are all you need to start over with a new design.


I practiced different applications and found that dripping the ink all at once in single or double dots and blending all at the same time made for more even swirls and patterns and gave me the look I was going for.

Once you’re satisfied with a design, seal the surface of the trays with two coats of spray on clear coat, allowing to dry fully between coats. Once the surface is protected, the design will stay in place and won’t wipe away.


Enjoy your new colorful trays for use around the home!



If you recreate this project, send me pictures, I’d love to see them!

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