5 Elegant Items I’m Prioritizing Over 5 Too-Trends Ones

New year, new wardrobe, right? As 2024 approached, I took the opportunity to evaluate my (admittedly overflowing) closet and make some decisive cuts. I realized I hadn’t done a deeper audit of things in quite a long time, so not only was my closet in need of a healthy purge to make everything finally fit on the hanger again, but my style has notably pivoted over the past year towards a more elegant and classic look and many of my older clothing items just no longer feel like anything I want to wear.

I’m guilty of trying a lot of different trends and during the height of the Y2K redux, I tried dozens of things that feel overly-trendy when I look at them now. It turns out that I was holding onto plenty of items like baggy cargo pants and colorful plastic jewelry that I thought I’d get wear out of but never really did. At the end of the day, I’ve always preferred more timeless styles to trendier ones, so I’m taking it as a lesson to be pickier when trying new styles. Below, I’m discussing below several of the swaps I’ve made to move my wardrobe and personal style in a more elegant and less trend-driven direction that will (hopefully) withstand the test of time.

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