Ranked: The 8 Best Kayali Perfumes

I rarely ever say this, but I’ve loved every single fragrance I’ve tried from this one brand. It’s a unicorn among perfume houses, and I have a close friend to thank for introducing me to it. One day, we met up before heading to an event, and I stopped her because she was wearing the most delicious perfume. It was sweet but not so sweet that it smelled too juvenile—just the perfect combination of warm and inviting.

She then told me it was from Kayali, the brainchild of Mona Kattan and the sister brand to Huda Beauty. Just catching one whiff of it had me hooked already, but this marked the beginning of a long love affair with the brand that continues to this day. Even though Kayali has a variety of scents (there’s something for everyone!), I find that I even love the scents that aren’t what I would normally gravitate toward. This is a true testament to the work the brand puts in when it comes to its formulas. If you haven’t tried anything from the brand yet and want to, keep scrolling. I’m ranking all my favorites ahead. Believe me. It wasn’t an easy task!

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