28 Madewell and Gap Items That Are Perfect for the Summer

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Since it’s my job to keep up with the new arrivals on the market, I’m usually in tune with the patterns of retailers or trending items. But even as a fashion editor, I also occasionally get surprised by the latest launches. This was my experience when I recently walked into Gap and Madewell, eager to try out the buzzy items our editors have been chatting about. Now, while I’ve found great items at both stores previously, I was taken aback by just how good the summer arrivals were. I’m talking chic linen sets, punchy-colored poplin shirts, ruched eyelet midi dresses, and more.

Considering Gap has newly appointed Zac Posen as creative director and also just launched its latest collaboration with Dôen, I should’ve known the items I found were going to be hits. Keep scrolling to find the summery Madewell and Gap items that are all hits, no misses.



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