5 Items to Achieve L.A. Style

L.A. woman takes a selfie in a baseball cap, straight leg jeans, black long sleeve t-shirt and sunglasses

I grew up in L.A. and have had most of the same friends since middle school. While a lot of us went east for college, slowly, but surely, the majority found our way back home after a few years. That L.A. pull is strong. I see these friends as often as I can and, sorry to brag, but they’re some of the best-dressed people I know. While you might think L.A. style is mostly leisure-wear and on a day-to-day basis you’re not wrong, when we meet for lunch or dinner, our, ahem, passion for fashion is clear.

While, of course, we all have our own distinct sensibilities, there are a handful of items that we universally love. Our version of L.A. style tends to blend a bit with what you might consider N.Y., which, taking into account that many of us lived there for a stint, is no surprise. It’s a sophisticated spin on the laid back aesthetic L.A. dressing is synonymous with.

Just in case this sounds up your style alley, I’ve rounded up the top 5 items L.A. natives wear on repeat, so you can try out the look for yourself, below.

Candid photo of a NY woman in a tan suede jacket, straight jeans and white ballet flats drinking an iced coffee

Ballet flats are classic for a reason; they add polish to the simplest of outfits and are great for the days when you want “no-brainer” dressing. Recently I’ve been pairing mine with track pants for a feminine/sporty juxtaposition.

Woman wears a white baby tee shirt, long black skirt and heels.

Up until recently, I had always opted for a baggier t-shirt, but a fitted baby tee fits that 90’s nostalgia aesthetic my L.A. friends and I crave. I’m particularly partial to a pointelle version.

Woman wears baggy black pants and an oversized grey sweater

A baggy sweater might feel counterintuitive when you’re talking about L.A. style, but when you think about it, casual cool is the norm here. Literally everyone I know loves an oversized knit.

L.A. woman takes a selfie in straight leg jeans, long sleeve t-shirt, a baseball cap and sunglasses

Straight-leg jeans are a forever staple when it comes to L.A dressing. While vintage Levi’s are preferred, many contemporary brands are coming out with washes that actually look worn in and well-loved and thankfully not in that strategically distressed or 80’s way, either.