Neon Pothos – Plant Care Guide

Step 1: Clip off a healthy vine

Use your clean sharp shears to take vine clipping from your neon pothos. Leave at least 3 or 4 leaves below the cut. The more clippings you take, the more new plants you can propagate.

Step 2: Put clipping in water

Fill a clear glass cup, vase, or other vessel with about 2″ of water. Stick the cut end of your vine in the water, making sure no leaves are submerged. You can remove lower leaves as needed.

Step 3: Place in a bright spot

Find a spot with bright indirect light to place your vessel for a few weeks. Avoid too much direct sunlight. Change the water every 7-10 days. You should see roots starting to appear in the first week or two.

Step 4: Move to soil

We like to let new roots grow a couple of inches before transferring the cutting to a pot with soil. Once that happens, plant your rooted vine in well-draining soil, like a standard potting mix. Water and care for your plant as normal.

Pothos are fast-growing plants, especially went placed in well-lit areas. So propagating them is usually a satisfying experiment that will boost your plant care confidence!

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