11 Classic Trouser Outfits That Will Forever Feel Timeless

For the longest time, the item that dominated my wardrobe was dresses. Being 5′ 3″ and a true hourglass shape, I always found it hard to find the right sort of trouser fit. Slim-fit styles would often pull across my tights while simultaneously gaping at the waist. Wide-leg styles would swamp me and be at least seven inches too long. This, however, I understand, as anyone taller needs the option of the length I can have a tailor trim off. Of course, this can be costly and, honestly, I simply became tried of trying styles on and inevitably having to return them. So, I temporarily gave up.

Still, I’m no quitter, and when trousers came back to the fashion fore in a big way a couple of years ago, I was hellbent on finding the pairs that worked for me. With more options on the market than ever and a honed focus on varied fit, surely now was my time to enjoy trousers in the way my friends and colleagues had done previously.

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