The 30 Best Summer Dresses and Shoes on Reformation

I honestly don’t know what I wore during summer before Reformation existed (or year-round for that matter). The highly influential and beloved brand remains as popular as ever, and we’re reaching the time of year when everyone will be trying to get their hands on summery Ref dresses for sunny vacations, parties, and everything in between. Year after year, we see certain Reformation dresses go viral, and I’ve been shopping at Reformation long enough (as in, since the very beginning) to know which are destined for stardom. And just for fun, I’m adding shoes into the mix for this roundup and chose the pairs that I predict will be the most coveted for summer 2024.

If you haven’t tried Reformation shoes yet, as someone who owns multiple pairs, I can assure you they’re excellent. The quality is great, they’re comfortable, and all of the current season’s trends are present and accounted for in the lineup.

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