Weekend Reading 3.10.24 | Centsational Style

I’m watching the Oscars as I type up this post, the only movie I’ve seen is Oppenheimer so I’m rooting for the boys nominated in that film, their performances were so good. This week I’m focused on packing up my local shop, separating what’s left into things I’m keeping and things I’m letting go.

I’ll be spending half of the year in Florida so mentally and logistically I’m adjusting to the idea of moving to another state. There are a lot of preparations to be made for my family, we will be spending more time apart with both kids off at college, so we’re making plans to spend as much time together as possible right now, and also planning a family summer vacation. So much change happening but it’s all so exciting too.

Favorite links from the week:

Soft blues and greens make up the palette in this lovely coastal home.

Bold wallpaper and paint prove how easy it is to dramatically transform a bathroom space.

Palm springs meets coastal style in this Brisbane home.

This renovated Victorian in Toronto maintains its classic elements.

Light, bright, and mostly white paint is used throughout this waterfront home.

Woah now that’s an amazing thrift store score.

Indoor plants good for filtering air in your home.

Full body stretches for when you first wake up or take a break from your computer.

Vacation destinations with bright blue waters.

Ha ha: I remember this feeling: what school form did I just sign?



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