3 Easy Spring Hairstyles You Can Re-Create At Home

Spring’s arrival is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, making it the perfect time to experiment with a new hairstyle. Social events and gatherings, such as weddings and outdoor parties, provide the perfect opportunity to showcase a new do that will make you feel confident and add something new to your look. But, I’m here to prove that trying out a different hairstyle doesn’t always necessitate a salon visit; sometimes, it’s about making the most of what you already have.

One of my favourite hair trends for a while now has been incorporating bows into my everyday hairstyles. As seen on Prada’s catwalk at fashion week and gaining popularity on TikTok through the ‘Coquette’ trend, bows exude a timeless charm with a touch of femininity. There’s also numerous ways to incorporate bows into your hairstyle, such as being worn for a half-up look or at the bottom of a braid. Whether you opt for a sleek, understated bow for a polished look or go for a larger, more statement-making bow for a bold style, incorporating bows into your hairstyles can instantly elevate your look.


For those not keen on bows, flower accessories are also great for embracing spring. From flower claw clips to individual floral pieces, there are various ways to incorporate this trend into your hairstyle, adding a touch of freshness and playfulness that truly says ‘spring is here’. 

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