Estee LaLonde Explains How To Dry Brush Your Skin And The Benefits Of Dry Brushing

You probably already follow Estée Lalonde, and if you don’t, you should. An online content creator, creative director and founder of self-care brand MIRROR WATER, she is known for being a trusted, honest and authoritative voice in the wellness and beauty world, and as a result has created a community that feels understood and listened to. Estée regularly shares her real life experiences with her followers, and as such, we thought who better than Estée to weigh in on some of the biggest beauty and wellness trends of 2024? This month, she tries out dry brushing, and gives her honest and real review of the treatment below. Take it away Estée… 


(Image credit: ESTEE LALONDE)

Normally I’m pretty quick to jump on the latest trend in the beauty and wellness world. I mean it’s kind of my job to, but for whatever reason I slept on dry brushing. And when I say slept, this Ayurvedic practice has been used for centuries already, so I really slept.

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