Six Stylish And Timeless Trends That Look Great At Every Age

Let me start by saying, I think the concept of “dressing your age” is pretty ridiculous. Getting dressed should be a fun means of self-expression, and age, in my opinion, has nothing to do with it. That being said, now that I’m in the final year of my 20s, I know that it is nonetheless inevitable that as we age, the pieces and styles we’re drawn to change.

Fashionably speaking, your 20s are a weird time of sartorial shifts. I think I spent the first half of the decade trying to dress way older than I was (in other words, buying overly formal work attire and determinedly buying tall heels in the mistaken belief I would get a lot of wear out of them). Then as I moved into the second half, I began to find my confidence in crafting a personal style that felt true to me. But now looking at the clothes and trends I’m drawn to, I really believe that they are ageless.

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