5 Timeless Looks From The Selection by Mango

In recent years, I’ve really struggled to dress well. I think it all began around the time of the dreaded “C word” (I won’t say it because we’re all sick of hearing it, but it was that period in 2020 and 2021 when we were all forced to be at home). Since then, finding a style identity has felt less natural, particularly when it comes to workwear. Now that most of us find ourselves in somewhat of a happy medium between office hours and working from home, our wardrobes have had to become more fluid—we need a uniform that can easily transform from work to play, day to night. At Who What Wear UK, we’ve always been about the capsule wardrobe, but the concept now seems more pertinent than ever.

A brand that I turn to time and again for this exact thing is Mango. We all know it—my guess is that we all love it—but have you noticed just how strong its collections have been in the past few years? For me, Mango achieves the perfect mix of trends and timelessness—two things that traditionally don’t go together in fashion. Whilst the pieces themselves, be it tailoring, knitwear or denim, are what we like to call “forever” staples, the cuts and colour palettes always feel fresh and fashion-forward.

Who What What Mango Try On

This month Mango launched The Selection, and it’s probably one of my favourite ever drops from the brand. Once again striking that careful balance between newness and longevity, it’s a collection of two and three-piece suits, slip dresses, trench coats and matching separates that I know I can easily mix with other pieces in my wardrobe, but which also feel distinctly very “now.” There are low-rise, tailored trousers and a skirt-suit that are undeniably influenced by the recent Y2K renaissance; as well as a series of grey, black and white workwear staples that allude to the viral TikTok “office siren” aesthetic, but somehow still feel elevated and enduring.

This collection is a reminder of how to dress Monday to Friday, with space for interpretation. For me, that means opting for some casual tailoring with more relaxed pieces I would wear on the weekend. A pair of wide-leg trousers with a sporty bomber jacket, for example, is the epitome of “business casual”—I feel professional for meetings and can happily go for post-work drinks without feeling like I’m in my work uniform. Mango sent me the collection to try on and style, and I really did put it to the test. This is quite literally everything I wore from Monday to Friday, 9-to-5 (and beyond). 

5 Timeless Looks From The Selection by Mango: jeans

Style Notes: What better way to start the week than with a really, really good pair of jeans? Like many, denim is a staple for me, and I can’t imagine my wardrobe without it; it’s what I’m wearing on my bottom half 50% of the time. As such, Monday’s look is built around this impeccable pair of jeans. Turn-ups are a key denim trend right now, and these particular turn-ups are so big and so statement-making that they look very designer—almost avant-garde. I wanted to let them do the talking, so I styled them with a simple white vest under a button-down, and added gold jewellery and a trench coat, also from the collection. Simple? Yes. But sophisticated too? Definitely. Also, it’s Monday, so I’m allowed to be lazy.

5 Timeless Looks From The Selection by Mango: tailoring

Style Notes: If it’s not obvious from these outfit pics, Tuesday is an office day for me. It’s the one day that always gets away with me—back-to-back meetings and calls with any moments in between spent ferociously sending emails. On days like these, I’m most comfortable in tailoring. It feels smart, but if the cut is right, it also feels cool. My aim is always to look effortless. We’ve been wearing oversized suits for years, but fashion’s current throwback to the noughties is encouraging us to embrace a slender fit or bootleg cut again, and I’m open to it. With this black two-piece, the slim-fit leg and low-rise waist of the trousers feel neat, and as I love to wear black on black, I’ve paired it with its matching blazer, leather ankle boots and this truly amazing black, leather trench coat. This look feels super transitional; with a scarf, it will see me through the cooler days of winter, and if I swap the boots for a pair of slingbacks, I’ll be spring-ready.

5 Timeless Looks From The Selection by Mango: office

Style Notes: As much as I’m a believer in a capsule wardrobe, I’m also partial to a TikTok aesthetic or two, and the “office siren” has me in a chokehold. Alluding to on-screen workplace villains such as Gisele Bündchen’s Serena in The Devil Wears Prada and Mia in Love Actually, with a sprinkle of Rachel Green when she working at Bloomingdale’s in Friends—it’s a sea of grey tailoring, roll necks, kitten heels and ’00s eyewear. This particular skirt-suit feels akin to this viral movement, yet it’s still something I’ll be wearing long after TikTok has moved on. Perfect for transitioning through the seasons, it’s ideal workwear from autumn right through to high summer. The styling opportunities are endless—tights are the obvious choice, bare legs if you dare, or knee-high socks if you want to feel a little preppier (Blair Waldorf, much?). Pair with silver and black to add to the noughties vibe, and don’t be surprised if people start referring you to as Ally McBeal. 

Who What Wear Mango

(Image credit: Rebecca Rhys-Evans)

Style Notes: I think this look is my favourite of them all. The wide-leg trousers are a no-brainer—soft and sleek, I like to pair them with a white vest to make it feel a little androgynous. I could have gone with a blazer, but the oversized silhouette of the bomber along with its patches give it an ’80s vibe, making it feel retro and fun. After work, I have dinner with my best friend, which will no doubt be followed by drinks, and this outfit, combined with low-heeled, pointed mules and a small silver shoulder bag (I switched from a bigger tote from earlier in the day) is the definition of day-to-night dressing.

5 Timeless Looks From The Selection by Mango: quiet luxury

Style Notes: Fridays are always lovely: beauty breakfasts in the morning, maybe a lunch or a coffee with a PR in the afternoon, but in between these appointments I tend to head into the office for calls or to prep for any shoots that we may have the following week. It’s also date night, if not with my husband, then with my friendship group. In light of all this running around, Fridays require comfortable shoes and a chic outfit. Quiet luxury may have been one of last year’s biggest buzzwords in fashion, but its ethos is something we’ve always stood by at Who What Wear UK—quietly understated, elevated ensembles that appear very “designer”. One of the easiest ways to execute this is with neutrals. Mango’s cream, cotton maxi skirt that I’m wearing here is stunning, and its elasticated panel waist is also exceedingly comfortable. Paired with a roll neck and a black blazer (which I always tuck my hair into) along with gold jewellery and loafers, it’s just timeless sophistication. Try arguing with me on that!

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