People in London Will Live In These Classic, Anti-Trend Outfits This Spring

Like anywhere else in the world, London has its own identity which infiltrates into everything, from its food to its music scene. Of course, this is Who What Wear, so what we’re most interested in is the fashion and how the capital influences the wardrobes of its inhabitants (many of whom, I might add, are very chic indeed).

Walk down any given London street and you’ll see a broad spectrum of outfits, which is one thing that makes London culture so rich—it’s unique and varied, which is something we should always celebrate. However, there are garments that feel more intrinsically “London” than others, and while some might sound cliché, there is merit in many of them. These are pieces I see regularly when I’m in the centre, worn by women who absolutely know how to put together an elevated outfit.

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