6 “Dated” Shoe Trends Our Editors Are Moving on From in 2024

With the exception of Mschf’s big red boots or toe shoes, I’ve never met a shoe trend I didn’t like. At least, I’ve never met a shoe trend I didn’t find some sort of merit in, even if I wouldn’t wear it myself. For lack of a more accurate phrase to reference, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, which is the beauty of fashion—you get to choose what it is you like and what you don’t. 

So, where do shoes fit into the equation? Although we’re editors, the Who What Wear team ultimately have opinions on 2024‘s shoe trends—the ones they love, the ones the don’t, and the ones they feel have had their time in the sun. As the ground begins to thaw and, with it, comes the opportunity to diversify our footwear offerings beyond boots, I thought I’d ask my colleagues which shoes they love for the season ahead, but also the shoes they’re not all that excited about anymore. What interested me most was that all the shoes they selected felt more anti-trend than the styles they were moving on from, which is indicative of the wider gravitation we’re seeing towards more timeless pieces right now. Keep scrolling to read their thoughts on the (not pressing but interesting nonetheless) matter. 

The Shoes Our Editors Are Into This Season (and the Ones They’re Not)

Pausing: Barely-There Sandals

Wearing: Sleek Slingbacks


“Don’t @ me—I own lots of pairs of minimal strappy sandals—but I do think they’ve hit their peak. I won’t be investing in more this season, but I have noticed there is a slingback-shaped hole in my shoe collection. That’s where I’m focusing my footwear energy in 2024,” says Remi Afolabi, video content creator.

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