The New J.Crew Items a 63-Year-Old and 34-Year-Old Love

My mother and I are spending the first part of the New Year sorting our closets in an effort to get rid of what’s not working for us anymore. The goal is to edit and not to replace everything we’re ditching, but it’s also a time we’re both looking at our wardrobes to identify any holes where a fresh piece or two could be worth it. And while age has nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear, it’s fun to note that my mom and I tend to gravitate toward similar pieces and trends—despite our 29-year age difference. (I’m 34, and she’s 63.) Furthermore, one store we both love for uncovering wardrobe staples just so happens to be J.Crew.

On that note, we actually went into a J.Crew store to peruse styles in IRL and also scrolled through the site to identify the items we both like. To give you shopping inspiration, I decided to highlight the five womenswear items I especially liked from my mom’s list, including the sweater J.Crew designer Olympia Gayot is wearing above. Keep scrolling to check out the items in question (the first grouping below). I also rounded up a range of other chic J.Crew pieces that could pique your interest.

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