The 30 Best Maternity and Nursing Bras, Hands Down

If you’re pregnant and asking yourself if you need to buy a new bra, the answer is likely yes. I am currently six months along and have transitioned from a B-cup to a D-cup in the blink of an eye. Breasts increase in size pretty early during pregnancy (around six to eight weeks), and many will find they outgrow their bras rather quickly. The hormonal shifts, weight gain, and expanding rib cage associated with pregnancy will contribute to this growth, as will mammary glands preparing to make milk later in pregnancy.

I was tempted to squeeze into my regular bras for as long as possible, but I quickly realized how uncomfortable my lacy pre-pregnancy bras were becoming, and they simply couldn’t support my heavy (and itchy) breasts. Time for an upgrade. There are a few options as you’re growing. One, buy a larger size of your normal pre-pregnancy bra. Two, switch to a maternity bra. Three, if you’re somewhere in the middle of your third trimester, buy a nursing bra. Many, like me, prefer a combination of two or all three.

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