The 23 Best Cardigans for Women, Hands Down

It’s true—we have a weakness for cardigans. And when it comes to the best cardigans for women, there are a select few we find ourselves gravitating to. Regardless of what time of year it is, trust us when we say a cardigan is always a good idea. Chilly summer night? Pop on a cardigan. Stepping out for a latte in fall? Cardigan! Cozying up by the fireplace during winter? Cardigan! 

The best cardigans all have a few things in common—comfort and the ability to layer. Cardigans are a timeless piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe, and they give off an air of Parisian authority. Not only are cardigans super comfortable, but they’re easy to style and throw on when you’re in a rush. And with the right silhouette, you’ll look more like a chic Miu Miu librarian and less like a grandmother. (If the latter is your vibe, though, we have selections for that style preference too. There is no wrong way to style or wear a cardigan.)

Lucky for you, we’ve scoured the internet for the best cardigans for women that are currently available on the market, and we’ve located some top-notch finds. We prioritized options that are made from wool, cashmere, and cotton but also included a few blends for affordability purposes. From thicker knits to sheer options and ribbed silhouettes, there’s a little something for everyone. Just keep scrolling to get a look at 23 of the best cardigans.

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