The 6 Best Tory Burch Perfumes, Hands Down

I have a bit of a picky nose when it comes to fragrances. In my early days as a beauty editor, I spent a lot of time sampling every perfume I could get my hands on to figure out my fragrance MO. The conclusion I came to was, yes, I’m very selective. While some designer scents were nice and I wouldn’t mind catching a whiff of them while out, I often found that I wouldn’t actually wear a lot of them myself. That all changed once I caught a sniff of a few key Tory Burch perfumes.

I was first drawn in by the scents Cosmic Wood and Divine Moon, two perfumes that are part of Burch’s Essence of Dreams collection. If you weren’t already convinced by the name of the collection, yes, they are actually so dreamy. I definitely didn’t expect to love every single scent from the collection since I am a bit picky about what I wear, but here we are! If you’re looking to add a Tory Burch fragrances or two to your collection, read on and find the one that suits you. As a bonus, they also happen to be on sale at Nordstrom ATM!

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