Violette_FR’s New Petal Bouche Matte Shade Cerise Désir

Quite literally the only bad thing about this lipstick is that I’m constantly wishing for more shades. Although I’m impatient, I have serious respect for the brand because it only launches new shades of this delicious, velvety goodness (yes, it’s so good I almost consider it a dessert) once a year. The newest hue to join the family is Cerise Désir, meaning “cherry desire” in French. It’s sophisticated, vibrant, and definitely makes a statement.

The mastermind behind this brand, French makeup artist Violette Serrat says this one is a modern rendition of a classic burgundy shade that’s reminiscent of a full-bodied red wine with a blend of dark cherry. It’s easily one of the prettiest lipstick shades I’ve ever laid eyes on, and I cannot wait to add it to my collection.

Normally, I tend to gravitate toward more neutral, everyday lip shades, but this rich, mysterious burgundy is perfect for the holiday season. I also appreciate that this color is universally flattering. It adds a beautiful pop of color to fairer skin tones but is pigmented enough to look bright and bold on Black and Brown skin as well. Just because it’s not in my nature to gatekeep, I’m listing my other favorite Petal Bouche Matte shades below.

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