A Beauty Editor Reviews About-Face’s Light Lock Lip Gloss

“We sought out to create a lip gloss that hydrated as well as pigmented. As part of our Light Lock collection launch, this lip gloss became the shining star. We really wanted to have a delicious after-scent but in clean formulations—nothing is added for just vanity,” she said. “The peppermint and lavender make for a light plumping effect and mood boost, eliminating any icky after-feel.” The peppermint, in particular, stood out to me, as a single swipe of the product led to a cooling and soothing effect unlike any other lip gloss I’ve gotten my hands on.

Knowing its formula is clean and completely free of harmful ingredients while it protects the surface of my lips from environmental aggressors made me that much more drawn to it. The Light Lock Lip Gloss applies similarly to what we may expect from the lip oils that have gone viral over the past couple of years, but it packs a major pigment punch and doesn’t lack in the shine department. “Most glosses focus on shine without considering wear time. We’ve all dealt with the disappearing lip,” Chavez continued. “For us, everything has to be stage-proof. We started with a nourishing formula of skin smoothers, coconut oil, and lip enrichers—so it treats your lips first and delivers non-stick shine as a brilliant second win.”

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