An Expert Says Your Sheet Masks Aren’t Working—Here’s Why

Topical products can only go so far if they don’t have a little help. “Most skincare products that are applied topically only work at the skin’s surface, which often results in most active ingredients immediately starting to evaporate after they are applied,” says Chu. “In order for your ingredients to actually reach into the deeper layers of the skin, it requires the ability to penetrate (when an active ingredient is able to make its way through the stratum corneum and into the deep layers). Research has shown that when skincare is able to penetrate the stratum corneum in the epidermis, active ingredients show higher efficacy. While this may sound fairly straightforward, it is often easier said than done. The stratum corneum serves as the first barrier between your body and the environment, and as such, it is designed to keep elements out. Furthermore, this layer of skin made of keratin and lipids is waterproof, which further inhibits the ability for skincare to penetrate.”

Yikes! This definitely makes me think twice about all my skincare products. “To ensure that our skincare is able to penetrate, we utilize LipoButy, a patented technology utilizing liposomes to facilitate the transport and delivery of the formulation into the deep layer of the skin,” Chu further explains. “Liposomes are constructed of the same material as a cell membrane and have a small particle size, which means that it is able to mimic the property of the skin membrane and allow it to seamlessly penetrate through the skin. The liposome’s phospholipid bilayer preserves the integrity of the formulation and its active ingredients by encapsulating it entirely, which prevents degradation and loss of ingredients during transport. Unlike traditional liposome technology—which only allows the encapsulation of one ingredient—LipoButy is able to encapsulate the entire formulation. Within each drop of our formulation, there are one trillion liposomes working diligently to get the formulation to where it needs to be.”

I tried these sheet masks out for a week, and my thoughts on them are below.

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