The Best Hairbrushes to Transform Your Strands

When it comes to selecting a hairbrush, your hair needs come first. Since transitioning my hair from a chemically straightened state to its natural, kinky 4c curls, I’ve had to completely update the hair tools I use (including my brushes). Since each brush offers a completely different result, it’s important to take note of what your hair needs the most out of the brushes you use. For defining tight textures, for example, you may want to opt for a flexible and durable brush that detangles while producing juicy, bouncy curls. However, when the same textures are being dried, the firmer and more flexible a brush’s bristles are, the better.

The same, however, does not go for individuals with fine hair types that may require more attention to the dispersion of oils through the strands and efforts to curb the effects of static. With the help of Lopez and thousands of customer reviews pulled from the beauty industry’s biggest retailers, we’ve scoured the internet to compose the ultimate list of the 15 best hairbrushes on the market. You’re sure to receive nonstop compliments once you get your hands on one (or two) of these superhero hair tools.

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