29 Chic Fall Investment Pieces That You Need to Prioritize

If there’s one thing I’m adopting as my early 2024 New Year’s resolution, it’s adopting the “buy it for life” mentality. After years of hopping on short-lived micro-trends and ill-fitting fast-fashion clothing, I’ve spent the last few months thoughtfully curating my wardrobe with timeless pieces that not only set a foundation for my style but also make me feel excited to get dressed again. As a result, my spending has dramatically decreased (my credit card is thanking me!), and the amount I’m spending on individual pieces is going up. While you’d think that doesn’t make the most sense, let me girl-math it for you.

When speaking to my fashion friends and fellow Who What Wear editors, we’ve agreed that investing money into higher-ticket items that’ll last for years to come is actually one of the smartest investments you could make. Instead of rebuying the same fall sweater once every three months, opting to put your money toward high-quality pieces that will go with everything seems like the smartest move. Ahead of the fall weather and in the spirit of my anti-gatekeeping agenda, I’ve decided to share all of the “buy it now, wear it forever” finds that I’m eyeing this season. From immaculately constructed jeans to cozy cashmere knits, these 29 pieces are some that’ll live in your closet forever if you take good care of them.

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