Reviewed: Arey’s Suite of Gray Hair–Reversing Products

“When we started Arey, our goal was to focus on researching why we go gray and what consumers can do to address gray hair,” they both explain. “Early on, we were able to identify several vitamin and mineral deficiencies that were associated with hair turning gray. Beyond diet, lifestyle factors like smoking, sun exposure, pollution, and exposure to harsh chemicals play a large role in causing oxidative stress to the body, which can impact gray hair. Our daily supplement—Not Today, Grey—supplies the body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help to support pigment and hair health from the inside out. As we age, our bodies process these nutrients less efficiently, and we may not be accessing enough of these nutrients from our diets to support cellular turnover and production. Antioxidants are essential in helping to neutralize free radicals that are the result of oxidative stress. Free radicals are cells that are damaged due to oxidative stressors, and if you do not address these cells with antioxidants, the result can be an increase in gray hair.”

“Our topical treatments, To The Root Serum, Wash shampoo, and gentle scalp exfoliator scrub contain our patent-pending Mela-9 Complex, which helps to support hair health from the outside in,” they continue. “We identified a clinically effective peptide that, when absorbed through the scalp, can give the hair follicle amino acids that support the production of melanin, which is what gives our hair pigment. When our hair starts to turn gray, it is due to a lack of the amino acid tyrosine. In order to preserve and repigment hair, you need to give the body access to ingredients that potentiate this amino acid, which creates melanin (hair color).”  

“It’s important to note that repigmentation of white hair is less likely since there is typically no longer pigment in those hair strands. If a hair strand is gray, you can supply the body with what it is lacking in the early stages of graying hair, and it is possible to repigment those strands,” they add.

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