Reviewed: Polite Society’s New Launches

Maybe I’ve gotten pickier now that I’m a beauty editor, but it’s for a good reason. I used to be way less conscious about the skincare and makeup I was using on my face. Little did I know I was using pore-clogging products and questionable ingredients galore! Now that I’m a bit more educated, I’m a lot choosier about what I try, and it’s rare that I go berserk for a new brand or its launches. Polite Society, however, is the exception.

From the creative minds of Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson (formerly of Too Faced), Polite Society is a new-to-the-block color brand with some seriously A+ formulas. The brand launched on Ulta on August 27 with four clean (and impressive!) products—a foundation, blush-and-highlight palette, mascara, and lip-plumping gloss. I recently attended a launch event for the brand and went home with a goody bag. Well, let’s just say everything was so good that it warranted a full review. For all my thoughts on the brand, keep scrolling.

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