9 Ways I Want to Wear Camo Print In 2023

I’m sure everyone has a camo print outfit from their past that they’d prefer never to talk about again. I started college in 2016, a time when Drake’s album Views was all anyone could listen to, and Kylie Jenner’s “King Kylie” era was at its peak. So, you could say that my freshman year included a lot of outfits featuring camo pants and jackets. While I’ve thought about ditching those once-beloved camo pieces, I just could never bear to let them go. Now, in 2023, a part of me is considering wearing them again.

While it may not be the trendiest print at the moment, a few looks on recent runways and in street style have convinced me that I’m prepared to give the print a second chance in my wardrobe, and I’m not deterred by what anyone else has to say. Maybe, it might even take off. Remember the iconic scene in Mean Girls where someone spotted Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip-flops, and suddenly, everyone wanted a pair? While we’re not about being mean here at Who What Wear, we certainly have a knack for inspiring people to make stylish purchases

Keep scrolling to explore the 9 camo outfits I have in mind, and discover why reviving this print in your everyday attire is a smart move.

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