7 Things New Yorkers Are Storing and 7 They Want for Fall

When it comes to fall, all New Yorkers have to say is, “Been there, done that.” Fall is kind of like our Super Bowl when it comes to seasons. The weather is never better in New York City—pretty leaves fall across the striped concrete, and you can’t turn a corner without seeing someone in the kind of cardigan that will have you breaking all social norms to ask them where they got it from.

One common experience all New Yorkers know very well is the heavy sweat that we break into as the weather fluctuates throughout the day. You’ll wake up in the morning, and it will be so cold outside that you’re wondering if you should bring out your first puffer of the season, and by noon, you’re sweating through the blazer and sweater that seemed right for the weather when you woke up. The secret to living through such a tumultuous time of weather is being able to layer well and having a very edited closet. Gone are the outdated or summer-centric items that lived in your closet for months. Now is the time to introduce fall staples. Below, find a list of seven that are getting the cut.

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