Outdoor Activities to Enjoy Before Summer Ends

I publish this article again because this time of year is so very special to me. Summer is my favorite season and as cozy as fall is, I hesitate to have it rush in because I love being outdoors and close to nature in warm weather.

We’ve endured three weeks of having our indoor furniture outdoors while our hardwood floors were repaired and I’m grateful it happened in August. My indoor white sofa is under an outdoor canopy and each day I spend about an hour outside watching butterflies and hummingbirds while our family cat snoozes next to me. I see now that the chaos has actually been a blessing.

Tonight my parents are visiting from out of town and we will be dining outdoors alfresco in our courtyard on our dining table that we still haven’t moved back inside the house. We will be enjoying a Mediterranean style meal and white wine as the sun goes down. This next week really is the official end of summer with Labor Day weekend and September on the horizon. To soak up the end of the season here are twenty outdoor activities to consider before the busy rush of autumn and holiday season begins.


1. Bring pillows and blankets outside to close your eyes and listen to nature as day turns to night.


2. Arrange seasonal sunflowers and wildflowers one last time.


3. Bring a lantern or flashlight on a twilight walk, choose dirt paths instead of city streets.


4. Dry clothing outside on a line so they are crisp and smell like sunshine.


5. Go berry picking or to a farmer’s market for fruit and make a summer dessert that night.



6. Set up a canopy or tent in the backyard for reading books or napping.


7. Remove shoes on grass, sand, or dirt to feel the earth beneath your feet.


8. Visit a local botanical garden that’s still in full bloom.


9. Go on a nature scavenger hunt with friends or family. Award prizes!


10. Meet friends at a local park for a potluck or picnic lunch.


11. Let your kids choose one last summer activity to enjoy.


12. Go on a last second road trip and stay overnight in a place you’ve never explored.


13. Host an end of summer cocktail party on your porch or patio for your favorite people.


14. Try a local restaurant you’ve never been to and people watch while sitting outdoors.


15. Drive away from city lights to stargaze on a clear night.

16. In stillness, count the sounds you hear in nature and keep score: birds, breezes, anything natural.


17. Set the dinner table outside every night for a week.


18. Invite a friend on an evening walk where you each share your summer highlights.


19. Find a local lake or river to float in the water and look up at the clouds.


20. Watch a sunset from the highest point you can find nearby.



How do you plan to enjoy this last week of summer before it fades away?

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