How to Recreate All of Hailey Bieber’s Nail Styles at Home

Most recently, Bieber showcased brown-tinged tips on TikTok, which she dubbed the “chocolate” version of the glazed donut nail trend. “We’ve been trying different colors, and brown is such a good color for fall,” Ganzorigt tells “We wanted to make it look more like a chocolate donut, though.”

To achieve this, Ganzorigt recommends choosing your favorite brown color and mixing it with a top coat to make it sheer. For Bieber’s specific shade, Ganzorigt blended DND’s gel colors in Coffee Bean and Spiced Brown with OPI’s Stay Shiny gel top coat. She also started with OPI’s Stay Strong gel base coat and cured Bieber’s nails at each step. According to Ganzorigt, all you need is one coat of polish to make the look work. Finally, set your tips with pearlescent chrome powder or a pearlescent nail lacquer to get that coveted glowy effect.

In case you don’t want to go the gel route, you can also pick up a classic brown lacquer and top coat (see some of our picks below).

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