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We experienced a minor disaster in our home last week. The downstairs powder room toilet overflowed onto the hardwood causing moisture damage that traveled about 12 feet into the rest of the home so now we’re faced with replacing the damaged part and refinishing the hardwood floors for the entire downstairs. Ugh. We need to move all the furniture out of the downstairs of our home into our garage for two to three weeks. Yay.

This prompted a spur of the moment yard sale that happened yesterday in order to clear space for the furniture storage and get rid of a bunch of stuff just sitting in the garage. It’s been years since we had a yard sale but I’m happy to announce it was a huge success, I’m so glad we did it!

In other news, the house next door to ours had been vacant for a long time since our elderly neighbor passed away years ago, but his estate sold the home and at last a new family moved in with three charming little girls. We can hear them giggling and playing throughout the day which is delightful to hear. They are cute as can be and they are in love with our cat so they wander over to visit. We were hoping a few littles would move into the house and we got our wish!

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