All About Harry Styles’ Rumored Romance With Taylor Russell

As Harry Styles finishes his Love On Tour concert series it’s been rumored he might be starting a new romantic project with Canadian actress Taylor Russell. Russell was seen at Styles’ Vienna concert two weeks ago in the VIP section in photos obtained by TMZ, where she was dancing all night long.

A source recently told The Sun, “Harry and Taylor have been spending a lot of time together. She is a huge fan of his music.”

Here’s everything to know about Harry Styles and Taylor Russell so far.

Who is Taylor Russell?

Originally from Vancouver, the 29-year-old actress recently starred across from Timothée Chalamet in the cannibal movie Bones and All. Her breakout role was on Netflix’s Lost In Space, and she is starring upcoming films Mother Couch across from Ewan McGregor and Hope, with Alicia Vikander.

She moved around quite a lot, as her father was an actor as well.

“I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family,” she told ELLE in a 2019 interview. “My parents struggled; we were on welfare. Things changed a lot, so there was always an opportunity for reinvention, to create something new.”

How long have Styles and Russell been dating?

Before being spotted at his concert in Vienna, they were seen in London in June, leaving a museum and holding hands. They were also seen together in the city before the concert, and Pop Crave shared a video on Twitter of them near the Plague Column.

A woman resembling Russell also appeared to be accompanying Styles the at Barcelona-El Prat airport, and they were later seen at Soho House Barcelona. Another attendee said, “Harry and Taylor appeared to be enjoying some downtime as they relaxed on sun loungers by the pool.”

How did Russell and Styles meet?

It’s hard to say, as they both run in media circles with plenty of opportunities to cross paths. They were both at the Venice Film Festival last year, where Styles was promoting his movie Don’t Worry Darling with his former girlfriend, Olivia Wilde, who directed.

They also apparently have a lot in common in regards to their love of fashion and Styles allegedly “loves that Taylor is a brand ambassador for luxury label Loewe and is set to take to the stage in London next week.”

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