DIY: Pressed Leaf Botanical Art

As you know I always love experimenting with new ways of making art. Pressed leaves are making a comeback in the art world, they’re reminiscent of decades and centuries past when people would press flowers into books to preserve them and then turn them into keepsakes.

Pressed flowers and leaves have a classic appeal, so I thought I’d try my hand and making a few with green leaves on a black background. I’ve seen pressed flower pieces on Etsy with a white background or inside a clear frame. Black backgrounds highlight green botanicals so beautifully so I chose black art paper for this project.

To create your own, the supply list is short and the steps are simple! You’ll need 9×12” black mixed media art paper (also available here); a set of pressed green leaves; acid free memory glue; tweezers; frame of choice.


Make sure to use acid free glue and paper so the pressed leaf art will last for years to come. I found my glue at Michael’s on clearance but you can also find similar glues in scrapbook sections of craft stores or online.


This is a slow and meditative kind of art project, arranging the leaves and then slowly gluing them one by one to the paper.





I cleaned them up in Photoshop and they’re now available as digital downloads in my print shop which can be printed in a variety of sizes from 11×14” to 24×30”.

They’re available in this Botanical Collection and also in the Etsy shop as a pair where they are on sale.

Leaf Medley I


Leaf Medley II


Set of Botanicals (on Sale on Etsy)


Send me pictures of your pressed flower creations if you make your own!

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