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WEEK OF June 12 – 1 8, 2023

Yes, you’re a free-flowing Pisces, but if you’ve been secretly wishing you could bring more structure and discipline into your life, then this weekend’s heavenly activity roster will come as most welcome news! On Saturday, June 17, the taskmaster planet, Saturn, shifts into its annual retrograde phase until November 4. You may have been feeling its organized, future-oriented energy since it first entered your sign on March 7.

Your time becomes all the more precious for the coming four and a half months. If you don’t leave enough empty space in the calendar to recharge your batteries, you could come to resent your day-to-day duties or worse, burn out.

New plan: taking excellent care of yourself is your #1 priority. This self-nurturing includes banishing any players, users and phonies who you’ve let eat up too much of your bandwidth. Saturn is the planet of boundaries and you are the sign of boundlessness. This retrograde will put you through some hoops if you try to say yes to everyone and everything. Learning to give in a measured way—one that supports YOU too—is the three-year lesson you’re learning while Saturn tours your sign from March 7, 2023 to February 13, 2026. Practice makes perfect, so start getting comfortable with saying “no” or “let me get back to you on that” between now and November 4, while Saturn’s in reverse.


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If some of your ambitious “reinvention tour” plans have to wait or get scaled back, trust that this is the right course of action for now. Review all your objectives and intentions—from work to your social life to your love life—and make sure they are likely to lead you in the direction you want to head. This retrograde is a golden opportunity for researching, planning and doing the needed behind-the-scenes work to get a structure in place that’ll be strong to support you come November 4, when you make your meteoric ascent up the ladder of success.

But no isolating, please! If your fish tank has felt a little quiet of late, get ready to make some waves! On Sunday, June 18 (late night June 17 in some places), the year’s only Gemini new moon can shake things up on your domestic front—but in fun and fast-moving ways! The two weeks following this lunar lift are peak manifesting time and should conduct a fresh current of inspiration.

What changes have you been wanting to make, Pisces? Have you made a vision board lately? Or maybe you’ve been collecting paint swatches and wallpaper samples and getting ready to unleash your inner interior decorator. While you don’t have to rush into anything NOW, you also don’t want to procrastinate. Some changes will be easily (and affordably) pulled off, but others—say, changing the personnel under your roof or moving in with bae—are monumental, so make sure you’ve thoroughly thought them through.

All new moons bring opportunities for a fresh start, and this home-focused one can help you create (or find!) the sacred sanctuary your soul is craving. As this energy grows and continues to unfold over the coming six months, you may be inspired to do something truly transformational. Not sure what? Invite a savvy friend to help you see your space (and lifestyle) objectively and consider more options with you. For your grandest plans, give yourself until the corresponding full moon in Gemini on November 27 to make it happen.

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