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I’m flying home from Florida today and headed back to work. I had a few inquiries about the white and woven console I’m using for storage and display in my art and gift shop.

It’s not one piece, it’s two cabinets pushed together, and I just discovered they are no longer available from the source where I purchased them. I use them to store extra merchandise and bubble wrap and packing material for future sales. It’s a great pair of cabinets that work well with the aesthetic of the shop.


To get the same look, I found these 31” cabinets which could be painted white on the surround and the base spray painted white to achieve the same look, or you could buy this set of two and do the same.

I love woven front doors, last year I put two cane front stands from Target together to create one long credenza. The medley of woven texture with white or wood tones is a classic look. The texture of fluted wood is trending right now, but I still prefer the combination of woven doors with wood surround. Below find a collection of budget friendly woven and wood cabinets and consoles.

walnut and cane

31” rattan natural cabinet / natural and black (also in white)

cane media console

cane front oval doors

woven detail two door / oak and cane

three door natural and rattangold and rattan

two door cabinet (multiple colors)

black surround / pine cabinet 

seagrass buffet 


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