Weekend Reading 5.21.23 | Centsational Style

My new shop has been open for two weekends and so far everything is going well. I feel like I’m in a period of growth and expansion in this moment. Running a retail art and gift shop is just a little outside my comfort zone, but that’s the spot where all the learning happens. It’s challenging and exciting, but I have a huge support group and I’m getting better at it every day and learning as I go. I love interacting with customers and bouncing ideas off my neighboring creatives and business owners, I feel fortunate to be part of a very supportive group of makers and artists. I finally got around to snapping a few photos of my shop, I’ll share those on Monday.

My daughter finished her first year of college and comes home next week. I’m excited to have her back, yet she’s already busy making plans for a busy summer filled with work, school, and travel. Still, it will be nice to have her presence again back in California.

Favorite links from the week:

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This article on the age of average reminded me of my post observing a sea of sameness.

How to grow your own pineapple plant.

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Clever idea: mount a TV on an easel.

These stunning flowers are made of paper.

Ten things to keep in mind before buying a vacation rental property.

Dream destination: this chic resort in the Florida Keys.

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