Summer Wallpapers for Your Tech

Summer is around the corner! To brighten your tech I made five more seasonal screensavers. Find them below, sized to fit the ratios of a desktop, laptop, tablet, and your phone too. Links to all four sizes for each pattern. Enjoy!

Island Getaway



island getaway 16to9 ratio for desktop / island getaway16to10 ratio for laptop

island getaway 3to4 ratio for tablet / island getaway 9to16 ratio for phone



petals 16to9 ratio for desktop / petals 16to10 ratio for laptop

 petals 3to4 ratio for tablet / petals 9to16 ratio for phone


Beach Day

beach day 16to9 ratio for desktop / beach day 16to10 ratio for laptop

beach day 3to4 ratio for tablet / beach day 9to16 ratio for phone


Sea or Sky



sea or sky 16to9 ratio for desktop / sea or sky 16to10 ratio for laptop

sea or sky 3to4 ratio for tablet / sea or sky 9to16 ratio for phone


Sunset Hues

sunset hues 16to9 ratio for desktop / sunset hues 16to10 ratio for laptop

sunset hues 3to4 ratio for tablet / sunset hues 9to16 ratio for phone

Also I’ve added more cell phone wallpapers to this page in my print shop, they are all free to download.

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