12 Best LED Light Therapy Face Masks of 2023

12 Best LED Light Therapy Face Masks of 2023

<p>I can attest to how powerful LED face masks can be—sans common side effects like redness and dryness that may come with using certain topical treatments. <a href=”http://ownawoodhouse.com/about-us/leadership-team/melissa-wilson/” target=”_blank”>Melissa Wilson</a>, licensed esthetician and director of education for <a href=”https://www.woodhousespas.com/” target=”_blank”>Woodhouse Spas</a>, also agrees. “Over time, most people do experience improvements in their skin’s appearance, as the wavelengths work to improve the skin on a deeper level than superficial creams,” says Wilson. “You typically see the best results when using LED face masks in combination with skincare products and facial treatments.”</p><p>Of course, not all LED face masks are made equally. Ultimately, “the efficacy of LED therapy is dependent on the type of device used as well as how often the device is used,” adds Dr. Karam. To help you find the ones worth investing in, we’ve compiled the 12 best LED face masks for achieving spa-level results at home. From compact, travel-ready devices to full-on Michael Myers-style masks for every budget, shop picks backed by experts, customer reviews, and our own meticulous testing. <br> </p>” />

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