Potting Benches: Purchase or DIY

I was cleaning up some plants over the weekend that needed pruning after a long wet winter. We built a potting bench years ago and I still use it all the time, it’s one of the DIY projects that gives back year after year. With spring arriving there’s a lot of preparation to do and I find my potting bench comes in handy for all my outdoor gardening needs.

Bonus, a potting bench can multitask! Ours also serves as an extra spot for placing food and beverages when spending time or dining outdoors. They’re not that difficult to build once you decide on a design plan. I linked to the plans we used to build ours eleven years ago in this post about building our DIY potting bench.



Here are a few more DIY potting benches you can recreate:

2×4 potting bench by francois et moi

diy potting bench by my frugal adventures

farmhouse potting bench by ana white

bench with shelves

no plans but inspiring design for the back via trednspanarna


The nice thing about building one yourself is you can control the dimensions and features, but if DIY is not your thing, consider these potting benches you can purchase online.

green bench (also in wood)


potting bench with lattice back (also in gray and natural)


farmhouse potting bench (also in brown)


green bench with shelves (also in white)

gardener’s grey potting table

black potting bench

I spent last summer renovating our house in Florida, but I’ll be in California this summer so I’m looking forward to a lot of back yard improvements I neglected last year, and a courtyard makeover too.

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