Elegear Tie Dye Hug Throw TV Blanket Review

If you are looking for a premium quality blanket from a popular brand, numerous names will appear onsite. But, Elegear is a prominent name in the global market that provides a top-quality blanket below the stipulated price.

One such product is this Elegear Tie Dye Hug Throw TV Blanket. It is one of the lazy phone blankets that have revolutionized how blankets were used during winter. Without a second thought, let’s dive into what makes this tie-dye blanket a good investment option.

Lazy Phone Blanket:

If you are unfamiliar with the lazy phone blanket, let’s give you a crisp introduction. During winter, not everyone has the strength to take their hands out of their blanket and use their phone for long. Elegear took this as a big challenge and created a unique blanket with cuts to take your hands out without exposing your shoulders and neck.

Elegear phone blanket comes with two holes so that you can use your phone as long as you want, keeping your body warm. With this comes the freedom to protect your body from cold and enjoy your phone.

Throw Blanket & Wearable Blanket:

 What’s more satisfying than getting two blanket types in one? This is a blanket that can keep your body warm the whole day. Alongside, it also becomes a wearable blanket whenever you need to use your smartphone. It fits all sitting areas from couch to bed without compromising your body protection. In short, it can be a blanket or your body suit to beat cold.

Premium Quality:

When it comes to Elegear, quality remains atop. This Elegear phone blanket has passed the OEKO-TEX certification making it perfectly safe for kids. Using it can increase your body temperature by 2-5 degree celsius, which makes a big difference in warming your body and delivering sound sleep. The brand is already popular globally, so you can’t get a second thought about this brand.

Furthermore, it is an anti-static blanket that keeps your body away from annoying static electricity during winter.

Completely skin Friendly:

The biggest problem many homeowners struggle with is sticky blanket fibers that annoy their use. Such blankets also create irritation during night sleep. Elegear phone blanket is completely handmade with tie-dyeing technology, making it comfortable to use without being sticky to your skin.

Elegear is the name that you can count on. Made with the Japanese Heatwarm +2 degree celsius technology, it is one of the best investments to give your family warmth and comfort anywhere you want. Buying from a famous brand is highly recommended to ensure the longevity and durability of the product.

With thousands of satisfied customers, this blanket is already across the globe. However, some customers expect it to be a big thick, offering higher warmth than mentioned.

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