Weekend Reading 2.26.23 | Centsational Style

I’m painting the hall bathroom this weekend, I’m covering up the blue with a light sandy taupe color. I was inspired to refresh the space after I solved a problem we’ve wrestled with for years.

We’ve always struggled with where to put the family cat’s basic plastic litter box, and just settled on the 3 foot space next to the toilet in the hall bathroom. We hated it there but had no where else to put it. I came up with a solution that’s much improved.

We bought this modern litter box to go under this fold down desk/shelf which will hang 3 feet above it, so the new box is in the same space but it requires less maintenance and is hidden from view. The new solution made me want to give the entire bathroom a refresh with a different paint color which is what I was up to while it rained most of the week. I’ll share the new look when it’s complete. 🙂

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